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Different Types of Male Enhancement

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Many patients automatically assume that all male enhancement procedures are for cosmetic purposes only, but the fact of the matter is that many men have to have these procedures performed in order to correct a medical issue. Penis enhancement may be required if a man suffers from a condition called micro-penis, in which the penis is undersized.

This can impact a person’s emotional health and also a man’s ability to perform sexually. At our Rancho Mirage office, we offer men throughout the Inland Empire a chance to have a variety of male enhancement procedures performed.


What Types of Male Enhancement Procedures are Available?

Penile Lengthening — During this penis enhancement procedure, the penile shaft is lengthened. There are some limitations as to how much length the surgeon can add to the penis, because the surgery aims to lengthen the penis in the most natural way possible. Prior to the surgery, male patients should know that their penis is connected to the pelvic region by a strong ligament.

During the surgery, this ligament is severed in order to allow the penis to lengthen further from the body. Some patients must wear a stretching device for several months after the operation in order to prevent this ligament from reattaching to the pelvis.

Penile Widening — Conversely, this enhancement procedure is designed to increase the width of the penis. Men most often request this surgery when they are satisfied with the length of the penis but not with the girth of their penis. In order to increase the width of the penis, an implant is created from cadavers. This implant, called an implanted allograft, is attached to the penis and allows it to appear wider than it was prior to the operation. It is known for providing patients with permanent results.

Penile Enhancement — While the penile widening and penile lengthening procedures are the two most common male enhancement surgical procedures, there are various other options available. For instance, obese men might find that they have difficulty with the appearance of their penis and may opt to have liposuction performed in order to remove excess fat from the pelvic area.

This can improve the appearance of the penis and the man’s ability to perform sexually. Patients should also note that a combination lengthening and widening procedure is available. This may be necessary for men who suffer from medical conditions such as micro-penis.

Male enhancement can improve the lives of male patients in a variety of different ways. In addition to allowing men to improve their sexual performance, these procedures also help to boost their confidence and self image. Cosmetic urology continues to increase in popularity, but many of these procedures need to be performed for medical reasons.

Patients who are interested in male enhancement procedures should first check with their general physician to be sure that they are healthy enough to have surgery. The next step is finding a qualified urologist who has experience with these enhancement procedures.

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