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Erectile Dysfunction: What Really Works?

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Erectile Dysfunction: What Really Works?

According to studies, consumers pay billions of dollars each year on erectile dysfunction drugs. The most well-known, Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra, may work for some but not for others. Research suggests that ED drugs have a failure rate of 30 to 40%. Additionally, these drugs have side effects that, for some men, are a turn-off. Fortunately, there are other ways to deal with the problem of erectile dysfunction. You can discover what they are by consulting a board-certified urologist. Here, we discuss some of the common approaches to erectile dysfunction and why you may need to look beyond them to restore optimal sexual health.

Erectile Dysfunction Supplements: Be Wary

Once it became more common for men to talk about their concerns related to erectile dysfunction, we quickly saw a number of natural supplements become available. There are a few reasons to be very cautious when exploring these natural options. First, they are not regulated by the FDA. Studies on some natural supplements have discovered ingredients that don’t belong, such as sawdust. Second, natural ingredients can still pose a health risk and could interact poorly with other medications. Finally, erectile dysfunction is not always cut-and-dry. A thorough medical examination should be performed to ensure that there are no underlying reasons for the sexual condition.

Is Testosterone Therapy the Answer to Erectile Dysfunction?

Often, erectile dysfunction is attributed to testosterone deficiency. We understand why. Low libido is associated with hormone imbalance and testosterone is a necessary male hormone related to overall sexual function. Still, that does not mean that all cases of erectile dysfunction can be corrected with testosterone supplements. This form of therapy must be prescribed carefully and monitored to ensure it does not cause adverse side effects.

Appropriate Medical Care is Necessary for Erectile Dysfunction

As you can see, erectile dysfunction is more complex than it may seem. There are physical and psychological aspects to this condition and each can play off of each other. Furthermore, supplements, medications, and hormone therapy are not the only options to consider. Some men achieve the best results with a minor surgical procedure to correct vascular issues in the area of the penis. Some men use injection therapy into the penis (no, it does not hurt) or a penis pump. In some cases, an implant is an ideal solution for erectile dysfunction. Because every situation is different, personalized care is the only way to get to the heart of the matter.

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