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Are You Considering Labiaplasty? Here’s What Your Recovery May Entail!

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Are You Considering Labiaplasty? Here’s What Your Recovery May Entail!

In recent years, we have come to recognize just how important vaginal rejuvenation is to women’s overall well-being. The effects of aging, motherhood, and genetics can have a profound effect on a woman’s physical nature. The vaginal canal and external pieces of tissue called the labia can also respond to hormonal changes. Many women experience emotional or physical discomfort due to asymmetry or elongation of these pieces of tissue. To correct the problem, a board-certified urologist or plastic surgeon may perform labiaplasty.

If you’ve become dissatisfied with the effects of enlarged labia, this outpatient procedure may be of interest to you. Labiaplasty has become quite a popular procedure due to its ability to end physical pain, visible bulging, and embarrassment. Here, we discuss one of the most common questions related to labiaplasty: what to expect during recovery.

Day 1 to 3

Patients go home shortly after their labiaplasty recovery. They will have been prescribed pain medication, which they should pick up before the day of surgery. Medication should be taken as directed to prevent discomfort and stress. For the first few days after labiaplasty, the genital tissue may be bruised and swollen. Sometimes, one side is more affected than the other. To manage swelling and comfort, patients will limit activity for about 3 days.

Week 2

After about 7 days of rest and recovery, patients are usually quite comfortable. Prescription pain medication is usually not needed beyond the first week, and physical activity begins to resume, albeit slowly. Swelling and bruising may still be present, but do not typically limit a return to work. As needed, patients can apply cool compresses to minimize swelling and itching that may occur as incisions continue to heal.

Weeks 3 – 4

Labiaplasty incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches. These are usually gone within the first 3 to 4 weeks after surgery. By week three, comfort is improved to the point at which more strenuous exercise may be resumed. However, sexual intercourse and tampon use should be postponed until about 6 weeks post-op.

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