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Urodynamic Tests for Urinary Incontinence

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Urinary incontinence is a condition in which patients may have a difficult time controlling their bladder. Symptoms of urinary incontinence include frequent trips to the bathroom, leaking, and an inability to empty the bladder during one bathroom trip.

Apple Valley patients who are concerned that they might have some type of urinary incontinence should first schedule an appointment with an expert urologist, such as Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi. The urologist will most likely perform one of the urodynamic tests in order to see how well the bladder is currently functioning and decide which treatment option is best for the individual patient.


What Are Urodynamic Tests for Urinary Incontinence?

These tests are diagnostic procedures that are performed in order to test the capacity and strength of the bladder. Most testing is performed at the doctor’s office. Patients should arrive for their urodynamic testing with a full bladder.They will be asked to relieve their bladder into a cup in the office, where the volume of the urine is measured and the rate of release is tracked.

In some cases, a catheter may be placed in the patient in order to do further testing. The catheter will find any urine that is still remaining in the bladder. In addition, water may be inserted into the catheter in order to fill the bladder until the patient feels the need to urinate. When patients feel that urge, the urologist will take note of how much water is in the bladder at the time in order to test the capacity of the organ.

Why are Urodynamic Tests Performed?

Urodynamic tests are used on patients who are experiencing more severe signs and symptoms of incontinence. The urologist will use the results of the test in order to determine the cause of the incontinence as well as develop the right treatment plan for you. Urodynamic tests are also performed on patients who are considering surgical treatment options for their incontinence.

What Results Can I Expect After this Type of Testing is Complete?

Patients will receive one of two results — either normal or abnormal. A normal result means that the bladder is functioning as it should be. An abnormal result indicates that the bladder cannot relieve itself all the way and too much urine is left behind, the bladder does not contain enough fluid before having the urge to urinate or the bladder cannot retain urine for a significant amount of time. Once the doctor analyzes the results of the test, an incontinence treatment plan can be developed.

Urinary incontinence can make people feel both uncomfortable and embarrassed, but it is important to know that it is a relatively common condition especially as people age. The best thing you can do for yourself is to talk with a urology expert about your symptoms and about your concerns.

Know that urodynamic tests can be performed in order to help diagnose your particular issue and provide you with the relief you need. Treating your incontinence will allow you to live a comfortable and confident life once again.

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