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Vasectomy – Pros & Cons

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The vasectomy procedure is a reliable and effective form of birth control for couples who have decided they do not want any additional children. This procedure sterilizes a man by preventing sperm from being ejaculated during intercourse.

It is a popular choice among Inland Empire men when it comes to permanent birth control, and it is one of the safest methods available.

Rancho Mirage men who are considering having this procedure performed should evaluate the pros and cons of this operation prior to making their final decision.


What are the Pros of the Vasectomy?

This is an extremely effective form of birth control, with a 99.85 percent success rate. There are very few unintended pregnancies after a man has this procedure performed, and it is a great choice for couples who have decided that their families are complete.

The procedure itself only takes 30 minutes to complete and is usually performed on an outpatient basis. It is a safe operation, and there are few risks to the man’s general health. Most men recover within a few days and are able to resume normal daily obligations and activities shortly after the operation.

The vasectomy procedure will not affect a man’s sex drive. He will no longer be ejaculating sperm, but his testosterone levels will not decrease as a result of this procedure.

What are the Cons of the Vasectomy?

There is a very small chance that the vasectomy could be unsuccessful, and an unintended pregnancy could occur. Men should discuss their sterility with their surgeon, and they should know when the procedure will be completely effective before they have unprotected sex with their partner. This procedure will not protect a male or female partner from sexually-transmitted infections.

Vasectomy reversal is an option for men who change their minds after the initial procedure, but it can be complicated and expensive. In addition to being a more complex procedure, a vasectomy reversal may not be successful and pregnancy may not be possible.

Most men experience pain and swelling immediately after the operation. In rare instances, chronic pain can continue for years after the procedure. If this happens, men should address this pain with their urologist.


Patients who decide that the vasectomy is the right birth control method for them should be sure they are working with an expert urologist, such as Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi. Dr. Ilbeigi performs this procedure using the intraluminal cauterization with fascial interposition technique, which is considered the superior method for completing this operation. It is essential to work with a urology expert who performs this procedure on male patients more than 50 times each year. An experienced surgeon who frequently performs vasectomies is more likely to provide the patient with successful results.

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