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Vaginal Rejuvenation: What Does That Mean?

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Vaginal rejuvenation is a common term used today, but one that may create a certain connotation that doesn’t fit. At Valley Urologic Medical Group, patients from Palm Springs, La Quinta, and the Rancho Mirage area can find the full extent of information needed to understand procedures that can elevate their quality of life. Here, we want to discuss a little more about vaginal rejuvenation, what it entails, and what it can do for a woman.

Improving Aesthetics with Labiaplasty

Vaginal rejuvenation may involve a precision surgical technique that refines the shape and size of the outer genitalia. In many cases, it is the labia minora, or the inner pieces of tissue, that require attention. Some women naturally have labia minora that are larger and longer than the labia majora, the outer pieces of tissue. In some cases, hormones, pregnancy, and childbirth bring about undesirable change in the shape of the labia minora. Whatever the cause, long tissue is unprotected and can be pulled, pinched, or torn by clothing or sexual intercourse. Excess labia tissue is also very cosmetically concerning.

Labiaplasty is a short surgical procedure that carefully excises a small wedge of labia minora tissue to shorten the inner lips, so they are more proportionate to the outer labia. Surgery takes about an hour and does not usually require general anesthesia. Women who undergo labiaplasty feel more confident in their appearance and more satisfied with the sensations they feel – or don’t feel – due to the smaller size of labia minora.

Improving Function with Vaginoplasty

The fact that vaginoplasty corrects internal laxity demonstrates that vaginal rejuvenation is about much more than getting a “designer vagina” that looks good. The purpose of vaginoplasty is to tighten the vaginal canal that has lost muscle tone due to childbirth or aging. This short surgery (also about an hour) achieves long-term results by removing a precise amount of tissue from the vaginal canal and stitching muscles together to narrow the inside of the vagina. Women who undergo a vaginoplasty, with or without labiaplasty, also feel more confident simply because they feel more connected to their body. Sexual satisfaction also improves as a result of this procedure.

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