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A Look at Prostheses for Erectile Dysfunction

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A Look at Prostheses for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can do a lot more than rob a man of the gratification that comes from sexual confidence. Both partners can suffer needlessly when erectile dysfunction is not addressed as the vital health concern that it is. In recent years, we have seen the demand for real and workable solutions demonstrated in the widespread use of ED medications like Viagra. At the same time, we have to remember that pharmaceuticals are not the answer for every man. Erectile dysfunction occurs for several reasons. For that reason, we need more than one approach to help men regain the truest sense of who they are.

Penile Implants as Functional Prostheses

The penile implant is a valuable prosthetic in urology, one that enables a man to obtain an erection when he wants. This prosthetic is a fixture that a urologist implants into the shaft of the penis to achieve this goal.

There are two main categories into which penile implants fit: inflatable and non-inflatable. During consultations in our Rancho Mirage office, we discuss these types with patients so they can confidently choose which type of implant best meets their needs and preferences.

  • A non-inflatable penile prosthetic is semi-rigid at all times. Erection is obtained by gently tilting the penis upward. Erection is stopped by tilting downward. The simplicity of the non-inflatable implant may be ideal for men with limited dexterity, such as hand-stiffness caused by arthritis. The disadvantage noted by some patients is that the penis appears semi-rigid at all times.
  • The inflatable penile prosthetic inflates. The mechanism works by pressing on a very small pump situated near the scrotum. When the pump is pressed, the soft tissue of the penile shaft receives an influx of fluid that creates firmness. A second press and the penis becomes flaccid.

There are several potential reasons why a man may struggle with erectile dysfunction. Our job is to explore what those reasons may be and, in so doing, find the ultimate solution for each man.

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