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Recovery from Penile Enhancement Surgery

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Patients who are interested in penile enhancement surgery should prepare for the recovery process ahead of time. According to Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi, an Inland Empire expert in urology, patients who have a working knowledge and understanding of the recovery process prior to the operation will have a better outcome in the long run.

Victorville patients should understand that the recovery process requires rest, patience and follow up care with Dr. Ilbeigi. The penile enhancement surgery offers many benefits to men, both physical and psychological, and having a working knowledge of the recovery process will amplify those benefits.

Immediately Following the Surgery

Some patients will receive local anesthesia for this procedure while other patients will be placed under general anesthesia. The type of anesthesia used will dictate whether a patient needs to stay in the hospital after the operation. Many patients who use local anesthesia can go home the same day while patients who use general anesthesia often need to spend the night in the facility.

Patients should expect minor pain after the operation, but most pain is easily controlled using pain medications prescribed by Dr. Ilbeigi. The penis will be covered with a dressing that will be removed in a few days by the surgeon.

Post-Operative Hygiene

Patients should take the time every day to, properly, clean their penis after the operation. A sponge bath is the best way to keep the penis clean as it should not be submerged in water for several days. Patients should avoid showering during the immediate recovery period.

In addition to cleaning the penis with water and soap, the patient should massage their penis each day at least once per day. Vaseline can be used during this massage, and this process helps to prevent the penis from becoming crooked or lop-sided.

Recovery Restrictions and Limitations

Patients recovering from the penile enhancement surgery should avoid contact sports for at least a month. It is important to spend plenty of time resting and recovering after the operation.

Recovering patients should avoid sexual activity for at least six weeks, but note that long-term sexual function will not be affected by this operation. Patients should not lift heavy objects or do any strenuous exercises immediately following the surgery.

Follow-Up Care

Dr. Ilbeigi will set up several follow-up appointments with each patient in order to ensure that the recovery is going well. At this time, the patient can address any concerns or ask any questions that he might have about the surgery, the long-term results or the immediate recovery process. Patients should understand that they will not see the full impact or results of surgery for at least 3-6 months.

Dr. Ilbeigi creates customized post-operative instructions for each patient who undergoes the penile enhancement procedure. These instructions take into account the individual patient’s general health, medical history and specific surgical plan.

To find out more information about the penile enhancement procedure and the recovery process after the operation, set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Ilbeigi.

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