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Penile Widening

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For many men, the size of their penis isn’t simply defined by its length. Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi has found that many men want to have a penis with a wide girth, allowing them to achieve the size they desire and improve their self confidence.

Apple Valley patients and people throughout High Desert will find that there are both medical and cosmetic reasons for opting to have this particular procedure. As an expert in urology, Dr. Ilbeigi is qualified to perform this procedure, ensuring that all male patients get the results they want after the operation is complete.

Facts About Penile Widening

This is a viable option for men who are suffering from the micropenis condition. Micropenis is a condition where men have an extremely small sexual organ, often defined as less than three inches in length while erect and less than two inches in width.

Micropenis is a medical condition, many insurance companies will cover the penile widening surgery as it is considered to be a treatment for this condition. Individual patients should discuss this option with their insurance provider in order to determine what will be covered.

Men who are not suffering from micropenis also are encouraged to have this operation. Many male patients simply want to improve the size and width of their penis, as they feel it accentuates their masculinity as well as improves their sexual function.

A cosmetic operation will typically not be covered with an insurance provider, but patients are encouraged to discuss the situation with their trusted insurance professionals. Men who take part in penile widening procedure must often take part in a penile lengthening operation as well, simultaneously, in order to achieve the best results.

Dr. Ilbeigi has found that the allograft technique is the most successful way to complete this operation. This grafting technique harvests tissue and fat cells from other portions of the patient’s body as well as from donor bodies. The harvested tissue and cells are subsequently used to help widen the penis. Dr. Ilbeigi finds that this particular type of grafting procedure provides patients with the longest-lasting results as well as the most aesthetically-pleasing results.

To complete the appearance of the penis, Dr. Ilbeigi often uses injectable fillers. These fillers are placed in the skin of the penis, allowing the surgeon to achieve a greater circumference for the penis. The injectable fillers also give the penis an improved appearance, as these fillers smooth out the penis skin and provide a uniform texture.

Note that Dr. Ilbeigi understands that each male patient is unique. With this in mind, he creates a customized operation plan for every patient, allowing each man to get the personalized attention to detail that is required in order to achieve natural-looking yet improved results.

To find out more information about the penile widening procedure and to see if it is the right choice for you, set up a consultation with Dr. Ilbeigi today. He is happy to explain what he can do and what types of results can realistically be achieved through this operation.

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