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Preparing for a Vasectomy?

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The vasectomy is a surgical procedure that allows men to become sterile, and it is a method of birth control used by many Inland Empire men. During this procedure, the urologist will sever the vas deferens, which by doing so ultimately makes the man infertile.

This is a permanent form of birth control, and while it can be reversed, the results are not guaranteed to be successful.

This procedure prevents sperm from entering the seminal fluid when a man ejaculates. It is a procedure that is well understood by Rancho Mirage men, but there are steps that male patients should take in order to prepare for the operation.

Whom Should I Discuss The Procedure With First?

Most men will decide to discuss this procedure first with their partner, if they have one at the time. If a couple is deciding that they will not have any more children together, they often talk about whether the vasectomy is the right birth control option for them. When a man decides that this is the route he wants to look into, he should first set up an appointment with his general physician.

The general physician has access to all of the patient’s medical records and will tell the patient if he is clear to have the vasectomy or not. Men who are healthy enough and physically able to have the vasectomy are often referred to a specialist, such as a urologist, who will provide the patient with additional information about the procedure.


How Do I Go About Scheduling an Appointment?

Men will schedule their appointment with their urologist. Most men decide to make the vasectomy appointment on a Thursday or a Friday, because the recovery is relatively short and this can minimize the amount of time that the patient needs to take off of work.

The time of year is not always relevant, but some men who are involved in sports will have their vasectomy performed during the off season.

How Can I Prepare for the Procedure Itself?

There are not many a lot of preparations required for the procedure, and some preparations may vary based on the doctor. Some urologists require the patients to shave their scrotum and the base of the penis prior to the procedure, while others do not. Men should arrive for their appointment in comfortable clothes and with a jockstrap available for afterward.

Men who have decided that they do not want any children, or who do not want to have any more children, should consider the vasectomy as a permanent form of birth control. The recovery is fairly short, but men should rest in order to get better as quickly as possible.

Most men will take 1-2 days off of work after they have their vasectomy, but it may depend on the type of job that the man has. A man with an office job can return to work sooner than a patient who has a job that involves physical labor.


To find out more information about whether the vasectomy is right for you, schedule a consultation appointment with your urologist today.

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