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Lemons Prevent Kidney Stones?

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If you have kidney stones, then lemonade or citrus water could be the answer you have sought. Recent research that was published in “Nature Reviews: Urology” suggests that people who drink citrus water have more citrate in their urine.

Considering citrate is a main preventer and inhibitor of kidney stones, it’s worth noting that these findings could lead to some interesting solutions for urology patients. Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi is an expert urologist who services Rancho Mirage and the entire Inland Empire. While these findings might be relevant, patients should understand the scope of research and the impact it could have on their daily lives.

Lemonade — Better Than Prescription Drugs?

Research began in 1996. Lemonade was tested in order to find out if it produced enough citrate in a person’s urine to hinder the effects of kidney stones. The lemon was tested against traditional prescription drugs that are designed to increase citrate in order to understand how effective lemons were.

Initial results showed that lemonade could, in fact, produce a lot of citrate, so long-term research continued on the subject. As scientists continued to research this topic, it was discovered that lemonade is actually an effective way of treating and preventing the formation of kidney stones. It is an alternative therapy that patients should discuss with their physicians.

Which Citrus Beverage to Choose?

As citrate can be created by any citrus beverage, patients who are not necessarily fond of lemonade might want to choose a different drink. Researchers have found that a variety of different fruit juices will produce a sufficient amount of citrate to be effective. Patients can choose from several different types of juices, including grapefruit juice, orange juice, pineapple juice or lemon juice.

In some cases, even lemon-flavored drinks such as Gatorade or Mountain Dew helped patients prevent the formation of kidney stones. It’s important to work with your doctor so you can decide which drink is best for your situation and general health.

How Much Will Lemonade Work?

Once a patient has decided which citrus juice will work best for them, it is time to determine the appropriate amount to drink each day. Most researchers and physicians recommend patients drinking enough fluids — both water and citrus juice — to create two quarts of urine daily.

This ensures that urine is continuously passed through the body, and kidney stones do not have an opportunity to form. Again, it is important that individual patients discuss their current situation and personal preferences with their physicians.

While this research sheds light on possible alternatives to prescription drugs for urology patients, Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi still feels it is essential that anyone who is dealing with kidney stones talks to a doctor before starting their own lemonade regimen.

He is happy to work with patients in order to help them find a solution that works for them — one that ultimately alleviates the pain and inconvenience caused by kidney stones. To find out more information about this research and to develop a treatment plan for your kidney stones, contact Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi’s office today to set up an appointment.

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