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Female Incontinence

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Female incontinence is a fairly common condition among Inland Empire women, especially those who have gone through childbirth one or more times. When a woman is incontinent, she might feel like she can’t participate in the activities she once loved.

Leaking from the bladder is common, and accidents can and do occur. It can be frustrating and embarrassing, but urology expert Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi wants Rancho Mirage women to know that they have options. Women who are experiencing incontinence can have female incontinence surgery performed in order to improve their symptoms and ultimately gain back their quality of life.

What is Female Incontinence Surgery?

Female Incontinence Surgery is an operation that is designed to address female incontinence issues and allow a woman to have better control over her bladder. There are two different procedure types that Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi performs on his patients.

Most of the time, Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi explores other treatment options for his patients with overactive bladders before resorting to surgical procedures. However, he does find that the surgery is highly effective when it is required. It should be noted that women who plan to become pregnant in the future should not have this surgery performed.

What is the Sling Procedure?

The Sling Procedure is an operation in which Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi uses materials from the patient’s body in order to create a sling that can provide the urethra with the support it needs in order to maintain control. This surgery has been proven to be highly effective, and it comes with a very low set of risk factors. Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi will either create a tension sling or a conventional sling for the surgery, depending on the needs and preferences of the patient. At this time, both types of slings are considered equally effective.

What is the Bladder Neck Suspension?

During the Bladder Neck Suspension procedure, an incision is made near the patient’s abdomen. The goal of the operation is to provide enhanced support for the bladder. Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi does this by attaching the neck of the bladder to the ligament that is located by the public bone. This added support helps the bladder to achieve better control, and ultimately can improve a patient’s incontinence.

The Bladder Neck Suspension procedure is effective, but patients should understand that this is a more invasive procedure. Recovery can take up to six weeks, compared to just two or three weeks of recovery after the Sling Procedure.

The severity and cause of your incontinence will determine if you are a qualified candidate for one of these surgical procedures. Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi understands that women both want and need to feel confident and secure in order to get the most out of life.

In some cases, patients might require prescription medications in order to, fully, alleviate their incontinence issues. To find out more about female incontinence and to see what treatment options might work best for you, set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi today.

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