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Is Male Enhancement Right for You?

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It is not uncommon for men throughout the Inland Empire to wonder if their penises are large enough or if they are considered the right size for their bodies.

The size of a man’s penis can lead him to feel self-conscious or insecure, and it may impact his confidence, his sexual performance, and his ability to connect with others in the Rancho Mirage area.

Men who feel this way about their penises may be wondering if the male enhancement procedure is the right choice for them. The following information is designed to help men better understand this procedure and make a decision that best suits their needs and wants.


What is the Average Size of the Penis?

Before deciding if the penile enhancement surgery is the right choice for you, you should understand the size of the average male penis. For most men, the width of the penis is no more than 1.5 inches. The length of the penis averages about 5 – 6 inches long.

In some cases, men who fit into this average range are still not satisfied with the size and appearance of their penis. In other cases, genetics or disease has caused the penis to be exceptionally small. This occurrence, which is called micropenis, can have a variety of implications on a person’s physical and emotional well-being.

What is the Lengthening Procedure?

Men who want to lengthen their penises will find that they have several options available. The procedure, which accounts for the maximum amount of additional length, requires the surgeon to release the fundiform and suspensory ligaments inside the body.

These two ligaments are anchored to the pubic bone and cause the penis to have a curved appearance. With its ligaments released, the penis can protrude out straight and longer from the body.

The other option for lengthening is scrotal web release, which makes the penis appear longer, or the patient can opt for a pubic lift and liposuction.

What is the Widening Procedure?

There also are several options for widening the penis. The first type requires the surgeon to add tissue to the under portion of the penis. This gives the patient 25 – 35 percent more width.

The patient also may opt to have fat transfers performed. In this procedure, unwanted fat is removed from another part of the body and injected into the penis. This naturally adds to the width of the penis.


Men who have decided that the penile enhancement surgery is the best route for them should seek out the advice of a qualified urologist. The best urologists will know when this procedure is appropriate and will understand the limitations when it comes to penile enlargement.

Men should also be sure to find a doctor who they can be open and honest with. This can be a sensitive subject for many men, so they want to work with a surgeon who will make them feel comfortable, confident, and secure. Trust is the first step toward getting the best results from the male enhancement surgery.
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