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Cosmetic Urology Leader in Rancho Mirage

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Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi, of the Valley Urologic Medical Group, offers his patients a wide variety of medical care procedures that are designed to correct physiological issues that have medical complications associated with them.

However, he also offers Inland Empire patients the opportunity to have cosmetic urology work done. Cosmetic urology procedures have become increasingly popular at his Rancho Mirage practice. For patients who might be interested in these procedures, the first step is to set up a free consultation appointment with Dr. Ilbeigi.

Cosmetic surgeries that patients might be interested in:

Penis Curvature Correction — It is not uncommon for men to have a slight curve to their penis. Some men have a curve that forces their penis to go up or down while others might see a curve from side to side. This is called a lateral curvature. This curve can be present at birth or develop later on in a man’s life. The curvature correction surgery aims to straighten the shaft of the penis. Sometimes this procedure can shorten the length of the penis, so other cosmetic improvements can be done at the same time depending on a man’s preference.

Erectile Dysfunction Correction — Erectile Dysfunction, otherwise known as ED, is a physiological issue that causes a man to be unable to have or maintain an erection that is suitable for sexual intercourse. To fix this, men can have a device implanted into their body that will help clear the arteries to allow better blood flow to the penis.

Male Enhancement Procedures — Men who do not feel their penis is long enough or do not think it has enough girth can consider a male enhancement surgery. These surgeries can either lengthen the penis, widen the penis or do both at the same time.

Vasectomy Reversal — While some men make the decision earlier in life to have a vasectomy, they might find that later on they wish to have more children. A vasectomy reversal reverses the original vasectomy, allowing a man to be fertile once again.

Vaginoplasty — Women might also be interested in cosmetic procedures from a urologist. After childbirth, the appearance and elasticity of the skin of the vagina can change, diminishing sensation. This surgery aims to fix those issues for women.

Cosmetic urology procedures aim to address medical issues but also image issues associated with these parts of the body. These issues can sometimes be difficult to discuss, even with a medical professional, so Dr. Ilbeigi wants his patients and future patients to know that they can put their trust in him.

Patients find that the consultation appointment is a comfortable, safe zone where anything can be discussed, and no one feels judged. If you are interested in one of these procedures or would like to discuss your options, set up a free consultation appointment today.

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