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Vasectomy Risks and Myths

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As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with having a vasectomy. When Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi performs a vasectomy, he will cut each of the vas deferens in the male reproductive system and then seal the vas deferens.

This process prevents the male patient from having any additional children, and is a popular birth control method in Rancho Mirage and the Inland Empire. It is important that men considering this procedure work with a urology expert in order to ensure safe and effective results. Men should understand the risks associated with this surgery, but they should also be aware of the myths that exist about the vasectomy procedure.

Vasectomy Risks

Side Effects — This surgery has several side effects associated with it. In most cases, the side effects are mild and only exist immediately after the procedure. Some common side effects include blood in the man’s semen, blood clots inside the scrotum, mild pain that is easily controlled, swelling and bruising in the area and in some cases infection can occur at the surgery site.

Complications — In few cases, men do experience complications from their vasectomy procedure down the line. Some complications that can occur include inflammation from sperm that leaks through, chronic pain and excess fluid build-up in the man’s testicles.

These complications are rare, but male patients should speak with their urologist about their medical background and history to identify any potential risk factors before undergoing the operation.

Pregnancy— In rare instances, the vasectomy can fail, and pregnancy can still occur.

Regret — It is important that men who are considering this procedure are positive that they do not want to have any more children. For the most part, the vasectomy procedure is permanent. While there is a reversal procedure available, it is more complicated and is not always successful. Men who are about to undergo a vasectomy should be certain that they do not want any more children.

Vasectomy Myths

Increases the Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer — Medical experts and researchers have found no link between a vasectomy and cancer or heart disease. People have brought up concerns in the past that there is a higher risk for developing these diseases, but at this point there is no proven research that shows this is true.

Sexual Drive and Performance — The only thing that changes after a vasectomy is the fact that the man cannot have any additional children. He will still have the same sexual drive and the same performance in sexual situations. It does not affect hormone production or masculinity.

Damage other Organs in the Male Reproductive System — The penis and testicles are not at risk in being damaged during this surgical procedure.

Extremely Painful — There is mild pain associated with this surgery immediately after the operation is complete. However, the pain subsides quickly and is easily managed through pain medications.

For more information on the vasectomy procedure, set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi.

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