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Coping with Prostate Cancer

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A patient who has just received a prostate cancer diagnosis may feel overwhelmed, sad, and even a bit frustrated. Patients in Rancho Mirage and throughout the Inland Empire who are battling prostate cancer can become easily and quickly stressed out about the situation.

Not only are they worried about their health and wellness, but they also have to figure out their financial situation and how they will afford their treatment plan. Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi, an expert in urology, notes that patients should take the time to process their diagnosis and seek supportive help from medical professionals, family and friends to help them cope with prostate cancer.

Tips for Coping with Prostate Cancer

Never be afraid to ask your health care team questions. You should always feel comfortable enough to ask your doctor, nurse or surgeon to repeat a fact or explain a treatment option to you. If they use a medical term that you are unfamiliar with, ask them what that is and have them explain it in terms you can understand.

Seek out resources that are available to you through your community and your hospital. Find out where you can get the support services you need. There is a variety of resources available to help cancer patients, including support groups, individual counseling services and social workers. There also are financial counselors available who can help you maneuver through the medical bills and develop a plan that works for you and your family.

Talk with friends and your family members when you feel ready. By letting them know how you feel about your diagnosis, your family and friends can develop a plan to support you throughout your treatment and recovery.

Perhaps they can develop a schedule to help you through chemotherapy or radiation, or maybe they can create a plan for your surgical procedure, so you don’t have to be burdened with the tiny details. It’s important to be open and honest as you go through this experience and recognize that everyone copes in different ways.

Ask for contact information for previous prostate cancer patients, and set up a time to talk with these patients and their families. This will help you understand what you are about to go through, and it can be beneficial to develop a relationship with someone who truly understands what you are experiencing.

By making an effort to process the diagnosis and cope with the disease, you will feel empowered as a patient and will be motivated to fight back. The more information you have and the better you understand the process, the easier the treatment and recovery will be for you. It is never easy to comprehend the fact that you have any type of cancer, including prostate cancer.

Recognize that this will be a difficult time for you both physically and emotionally, and take the necessary steps to take care of yourself in all of these ways. Through the support and expertise of your medical team, through the caring nature of your family and friends and through the empowerment of previous patients, you will be able to fight prostate cancer and get on with living your life.

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