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Reasons to See Your Urologist Right Away

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Men who are suffering from urological issues might be leery of heading to Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi’s Rancho Mirage office for a consultation. Going to the urologist can seem troublesome and intimidating, especially because many men are embarrassed about the symptoms they are experiencing.

However, it is important for men throughout the Inland Empire to understand that some uncomfortable or seemingly embarrassing symptoms can be the sign of a much larger issue that needs to be addressed. If a male patient is experiencing any of the following issues, he should make an appointment to see a urology expert immediately.

3 Reasons to See Your Urologist Right Away

Male infertility — If you and your partner have been trying to have a baby and are continually unsuccessful, you should make an appointment with a urologist. Most healthy couples will be able to conceive within a year of trying to have a baby, so if you are feeling concerned it might be time to get checked out.

A small percentage of men who are infertile have testicular cancer and are unaware of this fact. Primary care physicians may not recognize the signs and symptoms, and a fertility specialist will be more focused on the female patient’s health.

Abnormal Reading on a Kidney X-Ray — If you have recently had an X-ray done and a physician has noted a mass on your kidney, make an appointment with your urologist immediately. Until it has been determined otherwise, a mass on the kidney is considered to be cancerous. However, many physicians will want to biopsy the mass.

It’s important not to have any type of biopsy done until you have had a consultation with your urology expert because these biopsies have been known to cause additional harm to the kidney. Your urologist will help you come up with a plan for testing the mass and removing it from your kidneys.

Testicular Pain or Mass in the Testicles — Men who are experiencing pain in their testicles that lasts for more than a week should make an appointment with a urologist as soon as possible. Also, if a man finds a mass in his testicles at any point, he should see a urologist.

These may be signs of testicular cancer, and it’s crucial to get it checked by a urologist as soon as possible. Early detection of testicular cancer is crucial, because when it is caught early it is one of the most easy to cure cancers in the body.

All too often, when male patients express these concerns to a primary care physician they are not referred to a urologist. Every man should have a urology expert that they know and trust. It is necessary to visit the urologist on a regular basis as preventative care is the best way to catch early signs and symptoms of larger issues.

However, if you are experiencing any of the symptoms or issues listed above, it’s time to make an appointment with a urologist immediately. For more information or to make an appointment, contact Dr. Ilbeigi’s office today.

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