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Common Urological Problems in Women

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While many people assume that only men visit urology experts like Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi, it’s important to understand that female patients might also be dealing with urological problems. These are common urological problems found in women throughout their lives.

If you are a Rancho Mirage woman and experiencing any of these signs and symptoms, it’s time to make an appointment with Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi today. He is a urology expert who has spent years servicing patients in the Inland Empire. He is known for his gentle and understanding bedside manner and takes pride in his commitment to his patients.


Common Urological Problems in Women

Incontinence: Bladder incontinence is a condition in which a patient is leaking or dribbling urine, or has a hard time holding it when they have to go to the bathroom. Women are twice as likely to suffer from bladder incontinence.

There are three main types of incontinence that women should be aware of, including urge incontinence, stress incontinence and overflow incontinence. Women who are dealing with incontinence issues will find that a urologist can help them find the treatment or medication that is right for them.

Urinary Tract Infection: A urinary tract infection is commonly known as a UTI. This is a common bacterial infection that tends to impact women more than men. Research has confirmed that the female urinary tract is significantly shorter than the male tract; this explain why the occurrence of female urinary tract infection as simply more common than those of men.

Hormonal changes, especially those that take during menopause, also contribute to the fact that women experience these infections more often than men.

Symptoms include pain during urination, bladder spasms, urgency to urinate and urinating more frequently than usual. If you feel you have these signs and symptoms, it’s important to be checked out by a urologist who can prescribe you with an antibiotic to treat the infection.

Cystocele: Cystocele is a condition known as a prolapsed bladder. In this situation, a woman’s wall between her vagina and her bladder has weakened significantly. When this wall weakens, patients will find that they might develop urinary incontinence.

Pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal imbalance, and heavy lifting make a woman more prone to cystocele. Surgery is often necessary to treat cystocele, but an expert urologist might also be able to discuss alternative treatments with you if you want to avoid surgery.

While many female patients will be more apt to think of their OB/GYN doctor if they have any of these issues, it’s important to remember that sometimes it is best to visit a urologist. Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi is an expert in urology, and his specialty lies in treating urological issues for both men and women.

While obstetrics and gynecologists are experts in the female reproductive system, it’s only an urology expert who can truly treat your urinary issues. For more information on female patients and to set up your consultation appointment today, contact Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi’s office.

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