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6 Ways to Prevent Urologic Diseases

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Your urological system is a complex intersection of valves, pipes, reservoirs, and pumps; and, diseases in any one of these components can have drastic and long lasting effects over the entire system.

As with any other part of your body, it needs to be cared for and common sense is generally the order of the day. The lifestyle choices we make can do more to mitigate health risks than any pill or procedure. How we treat our bodies is of paramount importance.

Here are six things you can start today that will ensure your urologic system is clean and disease free for years to come:

Drink water and a lot of it: water naturally enhances healthy urine flow to flush waste products from your body. Staying hydrated is absolutely essential to urologic health.
Juice It Up: cranberry juice is not only packed with anti-oxidants, it helps prevent urinary tract infections in people of all ages. Studies have also shown that a glass of pomegranate juice consumed daily may even help to prevent recurring instances of prostate cancer.

Cut down on NaCl: consumption of large amounts of table salt may cause water retention and disrupt the natural balance of minerals and other compounds found in your systems. Overloading on salt has also been linked to higher occurrences of kidney stones.

Go with the half-caff: caffeine found in coffee, tea, and many popular energy drinks acts as a diuretic and may irritate your bladder. Select lower caffeine or decaffeinated options for your morning and afternoon beverages.

Hit the gym: obese or overweight have shown a propensity to contract a urologic disease. In fact, obese patients are more than twice as likely to have kidney stones and are 30% more likely to die of prostate cancer.

Get on the patch: or whatever else you need to do to quit smoking. A battery of recent medical studies has shown that there is a strong link between smoking and diseases such as bladder cancer, kidney cancer, and erectile dysfunction.

While there are certainly no guarantees in this life, there are simple things we can all do to secure our health for a long time. In the end, it’s all up to you!

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