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What is Vaginoplasty?

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Throughout the course of their lifetime, women put their bodies through a lot. Many women will have spent years on their feet in the work force while at the same time bearing children and keeping up with their home.

The aging process takes its toll in many ways, and this includes the most intimate regions of a woman’s body. Over time, women might find that their vaginal skin loses its elasticity. As this skin becomes loose, it can become not only unsightly but also disappointing for women as they might find they do not have the same sensations during intimacy that they once had.

For women in the Inland Empire experiencing these symptoms, there is still hope for a refreshed and rejuvenated tomorrow. Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi offers a unique procedure at his Rancho Mirage practice called a vaginoplasty.

This procedure has both cosmetic and medical benefits for patients. While many people think a urology practice is simply for men, it is important to note that there are many procedures available that can help women too. This procedure is not a reconstructive surgery, but simply a method to help rejuvenate the vagina, improving both functionality and aesthetics.

During this operation, the surgeon removes excess tissue from the vaginal skin. At the same time, he uses a technique that contracts the walls and the remaining skin of the vagina. This tightens the muscles that are present, allowing them to rejuvenate themselves.

Many women who opt for the vaginoplasty find that they have a significant improvement in self esteem after the surgery is completed. They also enjoy physical intimacy more than ever before, so there are many different benefits to this procedure.

The ideal candidate for the vaginoplasty is a woman who has completed her child birthing experience. This is largely to reduce the need for an additional vaginoplasty in the future. Also, most women who sought out this procedure were suffering from similar symptoms including incontinence, lack of muscle control in the vaginal area and decreased sensation during physical intimacy.

Patients who opt for a vaginoplasty will have it performed in a certified surgical center. This is an outpatient surgery, and the procedure itself takes only a few hours. Anesthesia will be decided on a case-by-case basis as some patients have general anesthesia used for their procedure and others simply have local anesthetics used.

A combination of the two methods, called twilight sedation, is also available for patients who want to have this procedure done. Specific anesthesia plans should be discussed with the surgeon during the consultation appointment.

There is a minor period of recovery from this procedure after it is complete. The most common recovery symptoms include minor pain at the surgical area as well as some swelling. Patients will receive a personalized recovery plan from the surgeon after the operation is complete.

All women who have a vaginoplasty done must refrain from all sexual activity for at least two months after the surgery. While the wait may seem long, many women feel it is worth it as they maximize the benefits of the procedure.

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