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What is Cosmetic Urology?

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As a top urology expert in the Inland Empire, Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi is able to work with patients who have both cancerous and non-cancerous diseases in their reproductive organs, including the kidneys, bladder, prostate and urinary tract.

He helps patients who are dealing with male infertility and he will perform procedures such as the vasectomy in order to provide men with a permanent form of birth control. In addition to all of this, Dr. Ilbeigi also works with Rancho Mirage patients who are interested in cosmetic urology. It is important that patients who are considering a cosmetic urology procedure have a good understanding of what these procedures are and what they are designed to do.

What is Cosmetic Urology?

Cosmetic urology allows a surgeon to address aesthetic issues with the male reproductive system as well as malfunctioning, destroyed or damaged parts on the male body. In order to complete these procedures, Dr. Ilbeigi refers to his working knowledge of urology, gynecology and plastic surgery. His goal is to provide every male patient with improved appearances in their genitalia and optimum functionality.

The male cosmetic urology field has grown by leaps and bounds during the last two decades. Not only have new techniques been developed by researchers in the medical community, but old techniques also have been improved in order to make the process better for every patient. More researchers realize that male cosmetic urology can improve both appearance and function for the male patient, which can have a significant impact on the patient’s quality of life.

The most common cosmetic urology procedures include testicular implants, penile implants, circumcisions, penile congenital curvature, vasectomy reversal and procedures that address Peyronie’s Disease.

While most of these operations will address the physical appearance of the male genitalia, they also have a significant impact on the functionality of these body parts. For instance, these comprehensive procedures may also help address other issues such as infertility, prostate cancer and incontinence.

Men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction may also benefit from cosmetic surgery. This can be a difficult topic for men to broach, even with their urologist. Men who are suffering from should realize that it’s a very common condition, and it may be the result of an underlying medical condition such as vascular disease or diabetes. It’s important  for a man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction addresses it with their urologist.

As an expert in cosmetic urology, Dr. Ilbeigi is committed to using the best surgical techniques as well as the most advanced technology to provide patients with the improved results they are looking for out of the operation.

With an eye for detail and incredible precision, Dr. Ilbeigi is able to achieve amazing results that patients would have never  possibly dreamed. These surgical procedures allow patients to enjoy improved functionality and appearances while giving them an important confidence boost. Those who are interested in their cosmetic urology options are invited to set up a free cosmetic consultation with Dr. Ilbeigi.

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