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Urological da Vinci® Surgeries

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The da Vinci® robotic assistant is revolutionizing the way that surgical procedures are performed across the country. People who reside in the Inland Empire should note that there are many urological da Vinci® surgeries available that they can take advantage of should they need one of these particular operations.

It is important for Rancho Mirage patients to understand the various options that are available, and also note the benefits of the da Vinci® surgical procedures.

This robotic assistant allows surgeons to complete traditionally open surgical procedures utilizing minimally-invasive techniques. Patients enjoy superior results as well as minimized recovery times when they opt to have a urological da Vinci® surgery performed rather than a traditional procedure.

What Urological da Vinci® Surgeries are Available?

da Vinci® Prostatectomy — The prostatectomy is a surgical procedure that is designed to remove cancerous cells that have developed in the prostate. It is one of the most effective treatment options for prostate cancer and has a high rate of success. The da Vinci® Prostatectomy is more precise and more successful at removing all of the cancerous cells in the prostate, without disrupting other internal organs in the body.
da Vinci® Cystectomy — A cystectomy operation removes a portion of the bladder or in some cases all of the bladder in order to treat bladder cancer. The da Vinci® Cystectomy provides patients with an opportunity to utilized the most advanced medical technology available in order to ensure the greatest degree of precision and success from their individual operation. A simple cystectomy or radical cystectomy can be performed utilizing the da Vinci® robotic assistant platform.

da Vinci® Sacrocolpopexy —The sacrocolpopexy procedure is available for women who are experiencing vaginal prolapse. This is a condition in which the structure of the vaginal wall is weakened, and other organs in the body are misplaced.

The da Vinci® Sacrocolpopexy can strengthen the structure of the vagina and the surrounding region utilizing the most minimally-invasive techniques. This provides patients with the best results, the shortest recovery time and the smallest risk of complications after the surgery is complete.

da Vinci® Nephrectomy — The da Vinci® Nephrectomy is a minimally-invasive option for treating kidney cancer. The surgeon is able to remove the tumor that has grown in the diseased kidney without disrupting the other internal organs. Patients enjoy the fact that there is less risk of complication and a shorter recovery period after this operation.

A patient who requires one or more of these urological procedures should seek out a surgeon who is familiar with the da Vinci® surgical platform. Only the best and most qualified urologist will be able to work with this superior platform in order to perform these procedures in a way that is most beneficial to the patient.

It is essential to understand that the surgeon is in control of the robotic assistant at all times, and the best technology is used in order to develop each da Vinci® system. To find out more information, talk with your urology expert today about options that might be available for you.

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