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Treating Erectile Dysfunction with a Penile Implant: What You Want to Know

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Treating Erectile Dysfunction with a Penile Implant: What You Want to Know

Erectile dysfunction is an incredibly frustrating problem for a man to live with. That’s why no man should. At Urologic Institute, we provide reliable solutions that meet each patient’s needs. One option that doesn’t get talked about much is the insertion of a penile implant.

Penile implants aren’t new. The first devices were used in the 1970s. Since that time, several other treatment options for erectile dysfunction have been developed. Viagra, for instance, or other pharmaceutical solutions that improve blood flow to the penis for natural erection. As convenient as it is to take a pill for better erections, this approach doesn’t work for all men. This is precisely why penile implants still exist today.

Are you wondering about what it would be like to have a penile implant, besides the much-improved ability to have sex when you want? We touch on a few details here.

  • Most men can still orgasm with a penile implant. In fact, one study demonstrated an improved ability for some men to orgasm after receiving a penile implant.
  • The possibility of a spontaneous erection does go away after the installation of a penile device. However, a quick squeeze or lift in the right spot achieves immediate responsiveness. Most men find this more beneficial than the inconsistency they had before surgery.
  • A penile implant doesn’t need to put you on the bench. With proper gear, sporting activities can continue after surgery. Men’s ability to work out and engage in most activities remains the same as it always has. Cycling may be the only exception, with a possible need to use a seat that has a deeper crevice at the center.
  • The overall size of your erection will not be any different after your implant is installed than it was before surgery. What does change, however, is the size of your penis when not fully erect. The semi-rigid state of the non-erect penis may be slightly visible through pants.

With the many treatment options available today, no man has to suffer the frustration of erectile dysfunction.

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