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The Two Roles of Cosmetic Urology

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Urologists are specialized physicians that diagnose and treat problems of the human urinary and reproductive systems. In addition to treating urologic diseases, these special doctors are also highly trained in aesthetics.

In other words, cosmetic urologists not only can help you feel great but can help you look great too. In Rancho Mirage, cosmetic urologists fulfill two important roles. The first is reconstructive and the other is cosmetic.


Reconstructive surgery is the procedure by which doctors seek to surgically repair the function of a particular organ or system.Because reconstructive surgery is generally considered medically necessary, many of these procedures are usually covered by most insurance plans. In order to successfully perform reconstructive surgery, specialized knowledge and skill in grafting as well as free tissue transfer is necessary.


Improving the functionality of an anatomical part requires a high degree of expertise in complex wound management, the use of implants, and especially performance of tumor surgery. Reconstruction is often used to correct body function after trauma, injury, or even other surgeries. In the case of urology, this can mean surgery to correct problems after cancer treatment.

Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is a set of procedures that are specifically designed to enhance the appearance of a body part after a reconstruction has been accomplished. Many times, however, cosmetic correction can be combined with a reconstructive procedure in order to maximize both results.

This can include penile implants to make the penis larger and even more functional as in the case of erectile dysfunction. In addition to male enhancement, female patients can also benefit from cosmetic urology. A new procedure that is growing in popularity among women is vaginal rejuvenation. This technique is designed to freshen up and re-tighten a vaginal complex that has become lax due to child birth or the natural aging process.

Cosmetic urology is an essential part of your overall healthcare plan because it can not only help improve appearance; it can also restore function to your urinary and reproductive systems.

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