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The Low Down on Labiaplasty

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The Low Down on Labiaplasty

When we think about our appearance, it’s so easy to focus on all the parts of the body that are visible to others. We’re at the end of summer, which may give a large percentage of the popular a sigh of relief. Now that we’re headed for cooler weather, the push to maintain a perfectly flat stomach may ease up a bit. We agree that there is value in staying fit if it makes you feel better. But there is more to the idea of looking good than we tend to talk about. Fortunately, women are starting to speak up about issues that not everyone sees, but that they feel.

Female genitalia comes in all shapes and sizes. Not all of them feel attractive. Not all of them feel comfortable. When the external genitalia, or labia, are not sized appropriately for a woman’s body, she may become highly self-conscious. In recent years, the idea of reshaping the labia has come front and center. Thank you, Kardashian Clan! The famous sisters may be quite open about their “designer vaginas,” but labiaplasty may still be somewhat of a mystery. So, we’d like to discuss it.

How Labiaplasty Works

There are two methods used to refine the labia:

  • The labia minora, or inner lips, can be resized, so these petals of tissue sit fully inside the labia majora.
  • The larger, outer lips, or labia majora, may be resized by taking a small crescent of skin through discreet incisions.
  • In some cases, labiaplasty may also reduce the size of the clitoral hood by carefully removing skin around the clitoris.

The performance of labiaplasty is undertaken with great care to avoid highly sensitive nerve endings and to achieve the desired outcome. Procedures may be performed in the office under mild sedation and local anesthetic, and patients return home after a few hours to begin their recovery phase.

We understand that the very idea of surgery on such a delicate area can sound painful. Patients are typically able to recover comfortably with either prescription pain medication or even over-the-counter pain relievers. Usually, patients return to work within a week to 10 days.

Ultimately, labiaplasty can make you more comfortable, both physically and emotionally. In many cases, women also report greater sexual satisfaction after their procedure.

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