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Kidney Stone: Managing the Risk of Recurrence

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Kidney Stone: Managing the Risk of Recurrence

Kidney stones may affect only 12% of the population, but this problem is relatively well known for being something we want to avoid if at all possible. A single bout of pain caused by kidney stones is enough to make anyone extremely interested in learning how to reduce their risk of ever getting another stone. The thing about kidney stones is once you get them, you’re apt to get them again. The risk of kidney stone development is doubled for the person who has had them. At Valley Urologic Medical Group, patients in the Palm Desert area are treated quickly and thoughtfully. Additionally, we provide tips for decreasing future risks.

The Future of Kidney Stones Looks Bleak

If you want to reduce your risk of kidney stone recurrence, you will be pleased to discover that many of the same steps that are recommended to help kidney stones pass naturally are also relevant to reducing the risks for recurrence. These include:

  • Increase water consumption. The kidneys have a particularly high need for water due to their role as the body’s filtration system. The best estimates we have had for water consumption are that we should drink half of our body-weight in ounces every day. Another suggestion has been that we consume eight, 8-ounce glasses per day. Hydration isn’t so cut-and-dry, though. Recent estimates are that a woman’s body needs approximately 90 ounces, and a man’s requirements sit at about 120 ounces. Keep in mind, as well, that exercise increases the need for hydration.
  • Decrease alcohol consumption. Alcohol can dehydrate the body by causing a diuretic effect. Coffee can do the same. To compound dehydration, coffee and alcohol also make the body store uric acid, a substance that has been associated with kidney stone formation.
  • Pucker up with lemon. According to studies, the consumption of 5-ounces of lemon juice twice a day promotes kidney health by discouraging the crystallization of calcium in the body. Drinking your lemon isn’t so bad, just dilute with water and add a packet of stevia and you’ve got a nice glass of lemonade.
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