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Eating Right During Cancer Treatments

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A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and scary, and people often don’t know what the next step should be. For those in the Inland Empire who are facing a cancer diagnosis, the time is now to start eating right and treating your body well.

It is more important than ever to give your body the nutrition it needs, as you begin to start the treatment process or prepare for a surgical procedure. These tips were designed to help Rancho Mirage patients create a well-balanced diet that is not only nutritious, but also delicious.


What are Some Tips for Eating Right During Cancer Treatments?

Try to eat as many calories as possible. Your body is burning energy and working hard while it fights off the cancer, and this requires sustenance. It may be difficult to consume large amounts of food, but try to snack on high-calorie yet healthy food as often as possible.

Supplement with nutritional drinks that contain vitamins and nutrients. When you simply can’t eat anymore or keep any food down, a nutritional supplement drink may be the next best choice. Doctors recommend trying to eat a meal first, and when you cannot finish the meal, supplement with a drink. These nutritional drinks include a variety of vitamins and minerals and can help you meet your calorie requirements for the day. You may even find one that tastes good along the way.

Focus on eating proteins, this should be the bulk of your diet while you are going through treatments. Good foods with protein for cancer patients include eggs, peanut butter, milk, fish, cheese and chicken. Patients also might want to try adding legumes or beans to their diet, because these contain not only protein, but also are packed full with B-complex vitamins.

Don’t forget fresh fruits and vegetables. These will help you get the vitamins and nutrients you need. Green leafy vegetables are some of the best choices. No matter what fruits and vegetables you choose, be sure to wash them thoroughly in order to decrease your risk of food poisoning or contamination.

Stay hydrated, make drinking water a top priority, but when you cannot consume water try to get your liquids another way. You might find that eating chicken noodle soup tastes better than water, and it will still help you stay hydrated.


When you are going through cancer treatments, your body is working harder than ever in order to fight off this vicious disease and get you healthy again. Help your body along the way by making good choices while you go through the treatment process.

It is not always easy, because treatments such as chemotherapy can make it difficult to keep food down, but these tips should help people try to combat those effects.

Talk with your doctor about other ways you can get the vitamins and nutrients that you need, and be sure to discuss any supplements or vitamins that you wish to take while you are going through the treatment process.

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