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Early Detection & Treatment of Prostate Cancer

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According to many studies, one in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year. In fact, prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death among modern men. But, early detection can help save lives and many men often develop urinary problems due to BPH a benign condition associated with aging.

A slowly enlarging prostate will eventually encircle the bladder opening and restrict the flow of urine leading to a slow stream and nighttime urgency. This can be quite an inconvenience; but, this condition can be helped with medication or maybe even surgery. The detection of BPH is important because it may signal a deeper problem within your prostate gland.

The key to successfully treating indications of or presentations with prostate cancer is early detection. But, it should be noted that a professional urologist, especially located in Rancho Mirage, may help with the diagnosis. Early detection of the disease is only the beginning.

Once diagnosed, there are a myriad of treatment options. For example, if an older gentleman requires treatment, radioactive seed implantation may be the best course of action. This approach to treatment is minimally invasive and can be accomplished while the patient under anesthesia in about an hour and on an outpatient basis.


By contrast, younger men with a faster, more aggressive cancer or a family history of the disease removal the prostate gland may be the best option. Removal of the gland itself may be completed through a robot-assisted laparoscopic surgical procedure. In Rancho Mirage clinics, robot assisted the final results have been excellent with urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction presenting at very low rates.


Prostate cancer is a disease that has a number of different treatments. To increase the efficacy of these treatments, early detection of the cancer before it metastasizes out of the prostate gland is essential.

Once the cancer spreads out from the prostate, the chance of a cure is drastically reduced. Unfortunately, this type of cancer very rarely causes symptoms; therefore, it can grow for years and go completely unnoticed. In order to have any chance of catching prostate cancer early, an examination by a board-certified urologist is the only way.

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