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da Vinci® Nephrectomy Procedure

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Kidney cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, and more than 200,000 patients each year receive this diagnosis. However, while any type of cancer diagnosis is serious, kidney cancer is particularly known for its good survival rate. Rancho Mirage patients who are diagnosed with kidney cancer in its early stages will enjoy a success rate of between 80 and 100 percent.

Inland Empire patients should make it a point to see their urologist on a regular basis in order to take full advantage of early kidney cancer screening and detection options. In addition, it is important to understand that treatment options can include a minimally-invasive surgical procedure called the da Vinci® Nephrectomy.

What is the da Vinci® Nephrectomy?

Traditionally, the nephrectomy surgery was performed utilizing open techniques. During this surgery, the surgeon had to remove nearly the entire kidney or the entire diseased portion of the kidney through a large incision close to the organ.

This disrupted other parts of the body and put the patient at risk for a variety of complications. The da Vinci® Nephrectomy is a minimally-invasive nephrectomy procedure that allows the surgeon to work with a robotic assistant in order to complete this surgery successfully with as little disruption as possible.


The surgeon performs the procedure behind a technologically-advanced 3D imaging system and controls the robotic assistant from this platform. The robotic assistant is equipped with precise, state-of-the-art tools, that allow the surgeon to remove the tumor that has formed in the kidney without removing any more of the organ than is necessary. At the same time, other internal organs are not disturbed. In order to complete the procedure, a few tiny incisions are made.


It is important for patients to understand that the surgeon is in complete control of the robotic assistant at all times. At no time will the da Vinci® system make decisions or actions on its own accord.


One of the largest benefits of the da Vinci® Nephrectomy is the fact that the patient enjoys a shorter, less painful recovery time. There is less blood lost during the operation itself, and because the body is not disrupted as much, the procedure is not as painful.

Patients should talk with their urologist about the recovery that they can expect as each nephrectomy procedure is different based on the severity of the cancer diagnosis.

Patients who have received a kidney cancer diagnosis may feel overwhelmed and even scared. However, it is important to know that working with a urology expert will ensure that you get the best results possible from your cancer treatment.

In most cases, kidney cancer can be treated effectively utilizing surgical options as well as radiation and chemotherapy treatments. If you are thinking of having a nephrectomy performed in order to treat your kidney cancer, be sure to talk with Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi about the da Vinci® Nephrectomy option. This may be the best choice for you as you go on to battle kidney cancer.

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