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Be the Master of Your Bladder

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If you are dealing with incontinence or suffering from bladder control issues, you may begin to feel like your bladder is taking over your life. It can be difficult to go out, to enjoy fun times with your friends and family and to participate in activities that you once loved.

Ultimately, you spend many hours of the day trying to avoid an embarrassing and nearly uncontrollable situation. Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi wants you to know that you have options. As an expert in Urology servicing patients in Rancho Mirage and throughout the Inland Empire, Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi wants you to know that you can be the master of your bladder once again.

Tips for Strengthening Your Bladder

First you need to understand the cause of your bladder incontinence and bladder control issues. Bladder incontinence is often found in women who have had children or are going through menopause. Over time, the female bladder muscles weaken due to the strain on the system. In addition, incontinence can be caused by infection, disease, stress, inflammation or weak pelvic muscles.

Make Kegel exercises a regular part of your routine. Kegel exercises are discreet exercises that help you strengthen the muscles on your pelvic floor. Ultimately, these exercises can help you control your bladder. To complete a Kegel exercise, you will need to squeeze the pelvic muscles, hold the position for several seconds and release.

Do this step repeatedly, multiple times per day. Many experts recommend completing 10 Kegel exercises during three different parts of the day. Kegels can be completed while sitting, standing, driving, working in your office or watching TV.

Consider including natural herbs and vitamins to help assist you with your bladder control. Vitamin C is especially important in improving a weak bladder. Add a multivitamin with Vitamin C to your diet, while also choosing Vitamin C-rich foods such as oranges.

Vitamin E and Vitamin A also are important vitamins to take when it comes to managing bladder control issues. There also are other natural herbs that have been known to help with bladder control. To find out which herbs might work best for you in particular, contact Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi and set up an appointment today.

Don’t let your bladder control your life; in fact, you should be the master of your own bladder. You should be the one who is in control of your bladder muscles. While this is a difficult situation to deal with, you need to understand that it, in fact, is possible.

If you feel as though your quality of life is suffering because of accidents and other embarrassing situations, set up an appointment with Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi as soon as possible. He will examine you and provide you with an assessment of your situation. This is the first step toward finding the solution that works for you. Everyone’s bladder control issues are different, and are caused by various factors. For an individualized approach and treatment plan, contact Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi’s office today.

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