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3 Reasons You Must See Your Urologist

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When men even hear the word urologist they cringe with pain in the groin. Many male patients have had a bad experience with these specialists that recall painful catheters and other medical devices intended to help.

Sometimes it is no wonder guys are apprehensive about visiting a doctor that that will poke around the most sensitive of areas. However, there are many reasons why men should not hesitate to see their urologist.


Here are three very important reasons you should not hesitate to make an appointment today:

  • Blood in the urine: whether visible or microscopic, presence of blood in the urine is not normal and can be a warning sign of something more serious such as bladder or kidney cancer. A urologist will order further screenings that may include more urine tests, or bladder x-rays. The natural inclination is take a “wait and see” approach; however, this can prove to be disastrous especially in the long term. Make an appointment immediately if you detect blood in your urine on the first occasion.
  • Abnormal prostate exam: Any detectable firmness lumps, or other irregularities may indicate an early stage of prostate cancer. It is imperative that all men over the age of forty get an annual exam by a qualified urologist. The key to fighting prostate cancer is early detection and early detection means a higher chance for survival.
  • Testicular mass or persistent groin pain: any detectable masses, firmness or nodules found in the testicles must be seen by a urologist because of the risk of testicular cancer. Men that experience pain in the testicles for more than a week or two must see a urologist in order to arrive at a quick diagnosis and course of treatment.


While the thought of visiting a urologist is not high on a guy’s list of things to do, there are certain instances that require it. Men that detect blood in their urine receive an abnormal prostate examination, or experience pain in the testicles for more than a week should make an appointment to see their urologist immediately. There are many fine doctors located in the High Desert to serve your specific needs as a 21st Century man.

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