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What are some causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile Dysfunction, which is often referred to as ED, is a condition that effects as many as 30 million men in the United States. Defined as a man’s inability to have an erection that is suitable for sexual intercourse or maintain an erection that will be suitable for intercourse.

Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi of the Valley Urologic Medical Group wants men in the Inland Empire to know that all hope is not lost, and there are ways to be sexually active once again that don’t require popping that little blue pill.

Dr. Ilbeigi, whose practice is located in Rancho Mirage, offers patients who suffer from ED a surgical option to cure this issue. Studies and results have proven that this surgery is successful, and patients are often pleased to know that it can be performed at any time during a man’s growth and development. It is not only elderly men who suffer from ED. However, it is important that men considering this procedure understand what the causes of ED are.

The most common causes of ED are diseases that take their toll on nerve endings and the male arteries. Several things must take place in order for a man to have an erection that allows him to have sexual intercourse.

Physical factors such as a stimulus to the region of the penis as well as adequate blood flow to the penis are typically required to achieve a suitable erection. Diseases that damage the arteries or nerve endings obviously prevent the penis from being able to become erect and therefore prevent the man from being able to have intercourse with his partner.

However, men can help themselves when it comes to preventing this situation. Sometimes even men who do not have diseases that damage the nerves still suffer from ED.

Lifestyle choices can also have an impact on the male body and possibly be a factor in a man having ED. Men who binge drink, smoke excessively and are overweight are more likely to suffer from ED than those who do not make these same choices.

Surgical treatment often includes placing a prostheses in the body which allows for better blood flow to the penis. In addition, some patients require reconstructive work on their arteries in order to clear any obstructions that might be preventing blood flow to the penis. Men who are interested in this procedure should set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Ilbeigi.

At this appointment, the surgeon will do a full physical exam on the patient as well as check for any pre-existing conditions. From there, the doctor will help the patient decide what the best course of action will be in order to cure their ED.

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