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What Can I Do About Changes In My Body?

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It is no secret that time has its way with people. As women age, gravity begins to take its toll as the skin loses natural elasticity. The face, breasts, buttocks, and thighs begin to sag; leaving women feeling a little worn.

A lady’s “girl parts” are also not immune to effects of aging. The gentle skin of the vagina and labia can also lose elasticity as well. So, what’s a girl to do? Fortunately, modern medicine has an answer: the vaginoplasty or more commonly known as a vaginal rejuvenation procedure.
The vaginoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that restores muscle tone and youthful aesthetics of the vaginal areas by removing excess tissue and tightening the supportive structures. This procedure is specifically designed to reduce the effects of aging and/or childbirth.

While some proponents assert that it increases actual sensitivity, this issue is hotly contested within the medical community. Either way, the vaginoplasty primary purpose is to tighten a slack vaginal canal. But, you may ask, what about the outer parts? Well, there is a fix for that too.
The Labiaplasty is a procedure designed to change the size or shape of the labia, the smooth “lips” surrounding the vagina, reducing their size or making them more symmetrical.

The success of such a procedure will hinge upon whether or not the patient’s goals are reconstructive or cosmetic; and the distinction is important. A reconstructive procedure improves the base function of a body part; whereas, a cosmetic surgery merely improves the appearance or form of a properly working anatomical part.


The decision is essential because it will guide exactly what the doctor decides to perform. A thorough pre-operative consultation complete with medical history will guide both doctor and patient to an appropriate course of action.

There are a myriad of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures to help women look younger and feel a little better about themselves. Facelifts and breast augmentations enhance the outer appearance and help fight the passage of time. Procedures to help rejuvenate your body and can go a long way to helping women feel better about their most intimate anatomies that so many seek but so few find!

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