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Fractured Penile – What to do

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A fractured penile may sound like a man’s worst nightmare — but it’s important for Inland Empire men to understand that this is a rare injury. A penile fracture typically occurs during sexual intercourse, when the erect penis is accidentally bent. It also can happen when masturbating aggressively or by rolling over onto an erect penis while sleeping. Rancho Mirage men should understand that while this injury may be rare, it can have serious complications. Dr. Pedram Ilbeigi offers treatment options for the penile fracture that men should be aware of in the event of this injury.


What are the Important Facts about Penile Trauma?

Many patients avoid seeing a doctor because of the sensitive nature of this injury; however it’s essential that men visit a urologist as soon as they begin to notice symptoms. Symptoms of penile fracture include pain and excessive bleeding, swelling of the penile shaft, and bruising near the scrotum. Men should not feel embarrassed about this injury, and should certainly not delay treatment because they are embarrassed. Working with an expert urologist will ensure that they get the best psychological and physical care.

There can be other complications associated with a penile fracture, including urethral injury. In order to treat the injury immediately, most doctors will use cold compresses, pain medication, and pressure dressings. This is typically done in order to provide the patient with comfort until a surgery can be performed. In some cases, the swelling must subside before a surgery can be attempted. The urologist will work to keep the patient calm and comfortable until further treatment can be completed.

If surgery is required, the injured portion of the penis must be amputated and subsequently reattached. The amputated penis is cleaned and wrapped in a sterilized gauze, in order to best preserve the member. The amputated penis is kept in several sterile containers and an ice-slush mix until it can be reattached. It is recommended that the cosmetic urologist reattach the penis as quickly as possible, in order to provide the patient with the best results from the surgery. Given the sensitive nature of this surgery, a psychiatrist is often available in order to help the patient cope with the emotional trauma that they may be experiencing.


Any man who injures himself during sexual intercourse should see a doctor as quickly as possible. If a penile fracture has occurred, there are treatment options available.

These treatments are more successful when performed as soon as possible after the injury has occurred.

Patients will work with a qualified urology expert and a cosmetic urology expert, as well as with a psychiatrist in order to ensure that they get the best results from their treatment.

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